Carma Statistics

Follow up on your newsletters with a detailed statistics report

With Carma’s comprehensive and detailed statistics reports, you can easily measure the impact and effect of each of your mailings. You can also follow the development over time of the opens, click-throughs, and all-around behavior, which are all important to your business. Statistics can be used at the list level to send, for example, a reminder to those who did not act upon receipt of your newsletter.

Statistics Reports in Carma

  • Opens Ratio: The number of recipients who have opened your newsletter
  • Clicks: The number of recipients who have opened your newsletter and who have actually clicked on a link
  • Bounces: Reporting the number of addresses in your contact list that were undeliverable
  • All Statistics: Lets you see all your mailings and lets you dynamically create a report to compare the open rate, click-throughs, and other reported data
  • Segmentation: See how segmentation has worked in your mailing
  • HeatMap
  • Time-lapse between open and first click
  • Update your contact list based on open and click-through behavior