Create and Send

Create newsletters, simply and efficiently

Carma’s newsletter creation and edit tools are built according to principles of simplicity, reliability, and flexibility. The key to Carma’s newsletter interface is its dynamic layout. It allows you to easily create a newsletter with flexible graphical elements, without compromising design or deliverability.

Dynamic template interface

Having a dynamic template interface makes the newsletter creation process all that much easier – just drag and drop. The layout is created according to your exact requirements. Together, we create a simple structure, and you get to use all the content-related elements you need: text, images, links, RSS feeds, and more… add or remove articles and images, change font, text, and background. We customize your workspace so that it fits the look and feel that you seek. To boot, anyone can use it, whether they have prior technical knowledge or not.

Carma’s dynamic template interface is designed to give you the ultimate user experience.

Preview your newsletter in 33 different email clients and mobile devices, and run it through various spam filters

The « preview » option lets you test your newsletter content to make sure it will render well in all major email clients. In addition, we run your content through all the major SPAM filters to help your newsletters reach the inbox.



For email communications to reach the inbox, the sender’s reputation is essential. Today’s ISPs are putting more and more demands on the senders, so the level of pressure put on us as a reputable provider of email services is significant. As a leader in deliverability, the responsibilities put upon us are major and come with a hefty commitment. Our deliverability department has strong, dedicated resources, whose sole mission is to ensure that our clients’ communications reach their destination. We have access to the best testing, monitoring, and follow-up tools pertaining to deliverability and general marketing trends. Read more about deliverability here .

Send your mailing or schedule it – Choose the perfect sending time

Once you have finished preparing your content and your mailing is ready to be sent, Carma’s scheduling feature allows you to send your mailing immediately or schedule a future sending date. Not only can you pick the date, you can even choose at what specific time the mailing should be sent out. This feature helps if your clients are in different time zones, for example. A scheduling feature also lets you concentrate on your other projects, worry-free, while your mailing gets queued for sending.

Protect your brand

Carma let’s you set a specific sender for each of your mailings. You can also set your sender domain. This way, you control, through our IP address, your own brand and deliverability.

Select the proper sending speed (« traffic throttling »)

All depending on content, sending a mailing to a large volume of contacts could generate many visits to your Website and significantly impact your Web traffic and/or potentially increase the quantity of inbound calls you will receive. In cases where you need to restrict traffic for congestion control purposes, our solution lets you choose the actual sending speed (« traffic throttling ») of your mailing by throttling its delivery. This will result in the contacts not receiving the mailing simultaneously and allowing you to effectively control traffic.

Organize your newsletters into folders

Carma categorizes your mailings. This way you can divide your newsletters into different projects and groups, such as by country, language,  district, store location. You could even identify them as B2B or B2C newsletters, etc.

Send emails in different languages

Do you have clients, colleagues, or partners in other countries, to whom you must send emails in a different language? No problem! Carma supports all alphabets and character encoding.