Carma Targeted Communications

Get the right information to the right person

In order to reach the full power of email marketing, Carma allows you to segment and personalize your mailings. It simply means that the right information gets sent to the right person/audience. Instead of you having to create a myriad of different versions of your email, Carma’s segmentation feature allows you to create a single email with different blocks of content linked to different segments (dynamically), thereby allowing you to send the right information to the right person/audience.

Unrestricted segmenting

When segmenting with Carma, you use the information you have to control who should receive what content. For the correct information to be sent, simply insert the rules at the item level, based on the criteria of the contact list that is to be used. Carma does not restrict the amount of information per contact that is allowed in the database. This makes the segmentation possibilities endless.

Go one step further with personalization

Does your database include unique information for each contact in your contact list, such as purchase history or any other relevant trend-related or personal information? If so, you can use that information to personalize your newsletter!


Incorporating more personal information in emails increases the contacts’ interest in viewing and reading the content. Carma helps you personalize your emails in various ways: through an import of your customers’ unique data or by using the information generated through the response to previous sent mailings. The simplest version of a personalized email is to use the contact’s name, for example « Hi Brian » The prerequisite for sending smooth communications is that the data be imported into the message automatically, as is done with other simple commands in Carma.

Let the behavior control the information

Segmentation modules not only allow you to create filters linked to each contact’s data, but they also give you the ability to segment based on a contact’s passed behavior with regards to the emails you previously sent them. You can also create filters to identify, for example, the contacts who have received a specific newsletter, but who have not yet read it.


In order to facilitate the creation of as many detailed behavior patterns as possible, Carma does not impose any limitations with regards to the data that can be included in a contact list. We can create segmentation modules based on previously identified behavior patterns. For information on setting up automated communications based on behavior patterns, please refer to the Carma Lifecycle Management section.