Carma Transactional Communications

Improve your transactional communications

Carma’s transactional communications (also known as « triggers ») open up many new marketing avenues. Customized transactional messages, such as order confirmations, tailored messages, receipts, and password reminders, will help drive additional sales.

A transactional email typically consists of a specific and extremely relevant message. These email messages are, therefore, very important and of significant value. The opening frequency of transactional emails is often five times more than with traditional newsletters.

Carma’s interface makes it easy to create mailings and be creative with their design. Marketing departments enjoy having the opportunity to work with the mailings to optimize the impact of the message and increase the opportunity to drive even more sales. The actual link to redirect to the booking or order system can be easily set up through a standard API.

Improve communications

All transactional messages, such as receipts, order confirmations, password reminders, and invoices, can be sent via Carma, which means that they will maintain the same high-quality appearance as all the other emails sent through Carma. Carma’s easy-to-use, powerful solution allows you to send your transactional messages both via email and SMS. Read more about SMS messages in our Carma Mobile Marketing section.

Carma’s interface provides a simple and easy way to create, modify, and manage the appearance of your transactional messages. You can easily work with graphics too. Using the built-in Version Management tool, you can quickly and easily change the design of a transactional message, allowing you to regularly update the content and impact your sales. Version Management lets go back to a previous version of a mailing with total ease.

Statistics and monitoring

The statistics allow you to track your transactional messages over time. The graphics are measurable, but it is also easy to monitor your mailings’ performance on a daily and hourly basis. You can also see how these statistics affect various versions of a mailing, thus being able to identify which one rendered the best results.