Carma Survey

Carma Survey lets you easily set up different types of studies, surveys, and contests. Its integration with Carma Newsletter, Lifecycle Management, and Transactional Communications tools lets you easily send unique surveys.

What do you know about your customers?

With Carma Survey, you can quickly and easily find out more about your customers. The answers are stored, allowing you to access that data and see how different audiences chose to respond. The interface for creating a questionnaire is simple to use and allows you to put together different types of forms. The results can then be exported or used to guide you in the creation of your future campaigns. Carma Survey is a quick and easy way to gather data and knowledge, and learn more about your customers.

Use the gathered data and knowledge

Carma Survey is fully integrated with other Carma products. It can be used as part of the communications lifecycle, as a trigger based on a specific event, or as part of a newsletter. Additionally, mobile surveys can be sent using Carma Mobile Marketing to create small, simple questionnaires sent via SMS.